The landlord's claim that they changed the lock and kicked the elderly couple out of their house

While the rise in rental house prices continued at full speed, the record-breaking house rents also increased the appetite of the landlords. While the landlords preferred to evict their tenants to give their homes to higher rents, the tenants, who thought that they would have difficulty in finding a new rental home, started to investigate their legal rights to stay home.

The last of the events took place in Istanbul. An elderly couple living in Arnavutköy, Istanbul were thrown into the street by the landlord. The neighbors, who stated that the landlord changed the locks of the tenants who did not vacate the house, therefore the elderly couple remained at the door, reacted to the incident.


The old couple who have been living in the same house for 3 years allegedly tried to be evicted because the landlord sold the house. The 84-year-old couple stated that they could not find a house in the winter period and asked the landlord to give them permission until the summer period.

The old couple, who went for a walk together in the evening, could not open the door when they returned to their home. Later, when it was revealed that the owner of the house had changed the lock, the police, who were informed by the neighbors, came to the scene. The couple, who stated that they could not enter their house with their belongings inside, reacted to the situation in tears while being taken to the police station because they filed a complaint.

The lawyers, on the other hand, stated that the right of use of the house belongs to the tenant, and warned the landlord that he certainly does not have such a right and that it will be the subject of a lawsuit. The landlord only has the right to file an eviction lawsuit.